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How to deal with my lag issues in wow 



I got upset for the "lack of funds" and "incompetence" part of the post. Maybe is the abstinence syndrome talking? I really need wow. And after the 4.06, when I start to experiment some lag issues (nothing compared after 4.1), I ask for help to a friend who is engineer in systems, Microsoft certificate, etc, and most of all, one of my raid partners who raise 20k dps average on 10 man, he plays on a macbook pro 5 years old laptop so he can’t explain why I’m having these issues so he expend a whole Saturday in my house. I never lack of wow gold.

First, we unplug every single piece of cable involved in the internet connection system from FXB (yup, a little pay to janitor who has the keys, to the rj45 plugged to my pc. And then we reconnect everything. We put a 5 ports switch and we try to play. Results, he can play good, I don’t. That discards the connections, must be my pc.

While that I try to play on his laptop and I got struck two times before I surrender. When I back to my PC, I just simply can’t move. We forgot turn back to lowest settings and in ultra I just simply got dc. We low the settings before login and then I could enter with the same crappy lag as usual but at least I could enter. Then I buy wow gold to enhance my equipment.

At the end of the day, while was browsing the dell website, making his mind between an xps and an alienware, he told me that is my account, then I have two options. one reinstall fresh the wow client because maybe the client save anything on the pj´s or account profile that’s is getting me these results, and of course, call blizzard and ask for an explanation.

The first part was done. I change the HDD for a SDD, bought W7 64 bits ultimate edition and I bought a Sony Vaio laptop, with the intention of leave the desktop only for play wow, and the laptop as my main PC games. I download and install the wow client on the desktop (and in the laptop for the doubts), and voila, the same crap thing, I still can’t play good, nor my desktop, or my laptop. No add-ons and in the case of the laptop, I get the risk of connect it to the net without AV, just the OS and wow client.

So, as you can see, I only miss pray to pagans gods because I do everything I could since the patch came out, and still nothing. I have enough cheap wow gold. Can you see why I´m upset when I got for answer: "if it is your computer then you can't blame Blizzard for your lack of funds to afford a better computer, or your inability to turn the graphics down? So don't go blaming blizzard for a problem only you seem to be having, it sounds to me like the incompetence is on your end not blizzards."?

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