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                                              Different Talents for Different Professions


I'm not sure you've really thought about this. Back when there were 71 talent points, you had a lot of talents that were:

0/5: Increase crit of all spells by 1%

0/3: Increases damage by 3%

0/5: Increases haste by 1%

0/2: Increases damage by 5%

0/5: Increases damage of your pets by 1%.

Etc. Those talents might has well have NOT been there since you 100% HAD to take them. The game was balanced around everyone 100% having them (so on the off chance you were a newb and didn't know, you'd totally be in the gutter). Talents like that were not interesting. So they wacked the majority of the boring flat passive talents and re-balanced.

Now you actually have choices. I can just speak from a Warrior perspective, but you have anywhere from 4-8 talent points that can go pretty much wherever you want them to go depending on what utility things you want in your build. You just sue some wow game card to solve the problem.

We have more choices now than we ever had. There used to be VERY set cookie cutter builds that you had to take, or else you were "trash."

I'm pretty sure this is what the "Path of the Titans" system (announced at the BlizzCon right after Cata was announced) was meant to be, but it was scrapped for being "too difficult" to implement. It was replaced with Mastery, which is an interesting stat and useful, but as I mentioned, it still needs some work so that it's desirable for all specs; and again, making it visible for all classes/specs would be nice (as is, some classes really only 'know' that it's working by looking at a combat log). Don’t think about too much about your wow key.

From what I understand, it was supposed to be its own system, alongside glyphs and talents. The problem there is they'd have three separate systems occupying the same design space (ability customization). Glyphs have mostly dropped their benefits-with-drawbacks concept they had initially, so they feel like the kind of "boring +X% bonus" talents Cata mostly got rid of. Add to that the problem with Path of the Titans having a weird advancement system, and you have a development nightmare.

But I digress. Anyway, formally acknowledging that mandatory talents exist and are kind of a problem: good sign

It's obvious from everything I've read over the last years that the players have no clue what they want. They just like screaming "FIX IT." Fix what?

Just... just stop. They are the professional game company, they are the professional game designers, and this game is pretty fantastic. Hundreds of dopes on forums thinking they can arm-chair develop Wow better than anyone else is annoying. Wow items can be an easy question.

Ghostcrawler posting this blog about some of the stuff Developers go through and their thought processes, it's a nice thing to let players get insight on. And what is the response? "Put in some major work to fix these things!" Well, isn't that helpful.


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