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Dark matter can speed up the construction speed of the ship? From the effects of view, this is a good game. Because of the emergence of dark matter, the factory ship biochemical marine ship base and mechanized factories central mastermind intelligent building base. They have made great improvement, and these two buildings to enhance the final result is the construction of ships required to directly reduce time. The original take 2 days to build a Titan, and now may be a maximum of one day's time. You can buy SWTOR credits to have a try of this game and you will know why it is so hot in recent.

Build a new universe Factor 2 to increase the capacity of the warehouse. In the dark matter with the help of metal warehouse, crystal and nuclear storage warehouse storage is greatly improved. Your resource production may be much larger than the original warehouse storage capacity, resulting in storage warehouse explosion. With Cheap SWTOR credits players can get more weapons to enjoy the game and get more fun. However, the emergence of dark matter, will allow you to burst into the nightmare of the past positions.

Build a new universe factors and three - offensive and defensive towers to improve the value. In the past war, the towers of the attack, defense and structure, are much less than a variety of ships. However, the emergence is of dark matter, so the towers have greatly improved in all respects, and the role of the towers from the vase into the real combatants. You can play this game. it is better to use SWTOR credits to get more items. Then you can get more fun from the game. Now you finally understand why the dark matter so important? Fighting is calling you, come to seize your dark matter, and let himself into the universe, one of the most powerful commanders.

Northern Empire and Freedom the war spread to the deep, cosmic debris everywhere witnessed the brutality of battle, one for the government, one for free. Their beliefs allow them to struggle the rest, commander of the exploration has been continued. Until the discovery of new materials: Z alloy. When the Northern Empire pioneered the use of Z alloy made ​​with dark purgatory frigate broke free powerful warriors fearless Joaquin Alliance, Liberty Alliance urgently need to understand this new material, developed a new type of ship against the empire of the strong suppression of the North. Dark matter, super crystal, Z alloys will consume a lot of the transformation of the ship.

Integration using the ancient technique of Xinhua Si alloy cruiser Z Liberties Union of Northern Empire is purgatory frigate-powered weapons, and soon recovered the lost star field. Pirates not to be left to the North Empire and Freedom of scientists looting days after the Nebula for them to copy the newest ships, which were even further, designed a blueprint for destruction.

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