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Rift: Planes of Telara is sharply divided the two camps

Guardian is on behalf of honest belief and vigils who is the five god of Telara. They do not give up the world. But the plan is moving in a complex final battle of good and evil which is the end of the trial. Members of this faction see themselves as the protector of Telara and regard as their destiny. To fulfill divine destiny, they become a part of the plan to save the world. And we will talk about Three Independent Ethnic Groups in Rift.

The Defiant think that it is no longer important for God whether given up this world or not. The destruction of the surface is God's fault. When the situation is from bad to worse, God will suddenly disappear. Defiant camp believes that people do not need help from God. They can solve this problem by theirselves. Although they reluctantly admitted that it could be dangerous for Defiant and even could threaten the integrity of the world, they think the world will be destroyed. So everything is worthy of taking a risk. Otherwise who can complain if the world destroyed?

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