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The Fates of the Five Young Doctor Interns



Grey's Anatomy with a theme in medicine is very popular prime-time TV series in the United States. This set has a very high download in iTunes store. If you like, you can also buy iTunes Gift Card to have them downloaded. This drama focused on a group of young people to become doctors, and doctors work hard to keep human nature. Doctors are in high-intensity training. At the same time a lot of comedy and doping elements, revealing the lives of the interns are in pain. Whether it is drugs or relationships, they can not simply be defined in black and white. The real life is actually like the same gray shading. The introduction of CCTV is in 2010 play and in May 2010 premieres in CCTV-8. Have the same name as a role-playing game that allows players to experience the play doctor's life.

Has shown signs of Meredith Grey, she is the girl who wants to step into the social reality, but her work make the desire become impossible. Meredith Grace Hospital in Seattle is for the first year of surgical practice, which is resident physician at Harvard University internship program in the West the most difficult part. In this world, this kind of work training is really a matter of life and death. Their lives in the dark float some doubt of the truth. In this highly competitive and stressful atmosphere, the five doctors practice.

In "Grey's Anatomy", students struggle for their friendship. Meredith Grey is as the doctor's secret ambition to be a muddy overshadowed. Her mother, a famous surgeon of the industry's best, worked with an unfortunate and devastating disease resistance. Christina Yang is a contradiction of the students. The high degree of competition and sense of urgency make her flee from any care, shut themselves up. Lzzie Stevens from small poor families in the town, do a model to make money to pay tuition fees. She is always trying to overcome the inferiority complex. Georage O'Malley is an enthusiastic boy next door, but he always at the wrong time does the wrong things. Although he is very attractive to men, he just likes girls only. Alex Karev, the same as the other interns, uses arrogance and ambition to cover up his grassroots background. The story is to go on. With some iTunes Gift Cards, you can have them downloaded on your iPhone.

They are responsible for directing a team of designated physicians, who can decide whether they are to become a good surgeon, or to be eliminated. Dr. Miranda Bailey is responsible for training them. It is hard to believe that her nickname: "Nazi". Frivolous Drake is skillful, for Meredith has a strong sexual attract. Preston Burke is of arrogance. When he took the scalpel, he is not much better than others. Richard Webber is their Unified management with paternalistic figure. The hospital they are in is Seattle Grace Hospital, on a serious surgical department.


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