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Major targeted Druid masterpiece maintain approach

They place. They agreed to introduce people to the Union Jean ceremony the best in the outdoors, so to avoid people who played on the Guineas unhappy people feel themselves in trouble. At the moment, except at the east entrance to leave, the summit of the seats arranged in a ring. The night elves in the highest seat in advance then wait for the guests followed by admission. In addition to a country, all Alliance members all came. Only rules Kirin Tor of the refused to send a representative, they want to continue to serve as a bridge between the opposing sides exists.

Serve as honor guards stand sentry all equipment used to beam with large Druid High Priestess beside others in the visiting mission when entering the separation of both sides.

Before the mission, the buy wow gold. But this is not just the official opening ceremony of the summit only. Admission is a type of climax to join the ceremony, new members by a vote to join the alliance. If a member is accepted, its representatives should be seated immediately and participate in the next agenda. Let them wait until near the end of the meeting is ludicrous.

And if the application is rejected, then missions should also be allowed to exit as soon as possible so as not to suffer further humiliation. On the surface, Parnassus calm. But they have got the news - though do not know the details, Ma Wei's brother in the investigation of the way misfortune. With wow gold he added some blood. De bedridden because of injury, but the two leaders want as soon as circumstances permit and Ma Wei's brother to talk about.

Grand Master Mo Dante promised Highborn will remain silent during the investigation, although War Eroding had the opposite statement. The caster does not have seats at the summit, their situation is strictly chores the night elves, and the Union as a whole, and irrelevant. Horn blew.

The Alliance members included in the sub-field-type began. Entering the order is determined by lot, and therefore did not produce quarrels. With cheap wow gold they get more items for use. The passengers in the led dwarf are lucky enough to become the first admission of the delegation. Behind them is with representatives of Therefore.

A faction into the admission office, their national anthem also will be sounded. Night elves when they heard the first sound of the stand to the table respect, and when the delegations in order to maintain this approach. Around the venue, various delegations fly the flag fluttering, although participants buy gold in world of warcraft not feel the slightest breeze. This wind is the major targeted Druid masterpiece. Each team in a large Druid High Priestess, and pause briefly before. The Night Elves are two camp leaders or chief representative to nod. This is both to thank everyone for participating in another way - they also want to allow guests to keep in good mood before the meeting.

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